Ok so i've been doing things today but.... i took pics and fully expected they would be on google drive waiting, but for reasons of the world never really working, they are not. So i find myself wondering why. Meanwhile here's a pic i took at he week end in the car park of The Range (a chavy shop full of ex-trendy stuff f r us lower classes)

Yes its a pair of large well worn Chelsea boots, which raises questions, did the owner buy new shoes and just abandon them? Was he abducted by aliens? Hoisted by a people devouring flying serpent?....stranger things have happened


So cutting out copper time. First make some patterns though.

So here's what i think corsets look like if they were run over by a steam roller. One hopes without their occupants. Two sorts one a front loader one a back loader. I've cut out ten in total. It just remains for me to get out in the cold cold shed to mess around with real metal. At present how to make frills is on my mind and i have an idea, but that might not work. Stand by for action!
 ...why does this blogger thing apparently put a pic in and as soon as i turn my back it brakes it so i have to go back an put it back in?

Lets do some stuff!

Ok so the car thing is sorted, the new one is distressingly grey though and now awaits decoration!

However, lazy as i am people ask me to do things and now i've got myself invited to do a two day show in Falmouth with my partner in crime of last time...valentines week end no less so i'd better make something to at least show willing.

First it brass monkeys here, well frosty in the mornings anyway. So first light the stove, get it going well and the workshop is toasty despite its leaky door.

Now find some copper, not as easy as one might think, i toyed with the idea of squashing a bowl flat but that usually leads to a creased mess of a sheet of copper. So i set on opening up some re-cycled pipe of small section...To make it easier to cut i used the pipe cutter to slice off bits about as long as the metal sheers could handle.

Set about making them flatish....
Lucky i have just the machine to flatten anything right there in the workshop. Its he wife's etching press, with that one could flatten a Labrador. Have to watch your fingers though.

 Now i have plans, well vague ideas about just what i'm going to make. This requires some small flat ribbons of copper. This is got by stripping the insulation off some wires i had to rip out of the kitchen during a "weird flash bang"  investigation. Its solid core and pretty easy to do, sharp knife and pull.

Feed it to Mr Flatty and its sorted...a nice ribbon of copper. Look at the mess on that work top, box of surgical gloves, hub off the old car, belts of old car (they don't fit the new one dam it!) and of course the empty machine gun amo belt. (which to my surprise came inside a couple of amo boxes i bought as tool boxes, they were bullet-less)
All this flattening makes the copper horribly work hardened so i took the opportunity to try out my cheepo second hand torch, Severt, so a good make. I had low expectations because it makes a small flame but i was wrong. It fierce and melted bits of the copper ribbon.

Makes it nice and soft too.... so next .. a well earned rest, oh the life of a bone idle person is such a trial, shopping etc pulled me away from the warm shed.  I hope more latter.

Christmas day report.

Ok so its boxing day but i thought id write a little report on the "great day" .. well we got up, started eating chocolate as soon as our feet hit the ground as is traditional. Not wanting to wait too long we then opened all presents! The lad got a phone from grandma (well mainly from grandma and us supplying a small amount) and i got about four multitools, i usually get a pen knife or hammer, obviously i'm hard to buy for. This year though they excelled themselves
and found a multi tool with a hammer attached! Neat ah and probably not a lot of use but it shows willing...ok so then we warped back up the phone and commenced walking the three miles to grandmas.
Nice bright day though it did rain on us a bit. I insisted we decant two small bottles of Sloe gin "in case we bumped into anyone we knew" to some eye rolling. We walked up the back lanes the main road was surprisingly busy. (way back a few years ago grandma had been rushed to hospital and we had set out on boxing day to walk to the hospital 14 miles each way! only some kind soul gave us a lift there, and another stopped and gave us a lift home!) anyway we trudged happily and we did indeed bump into a friend, in fact the friend who lives in a caravan in the very field the sloes were gathered from. He was cycling to go swimming in the sea, which to us is nuts, but is his normal day things. Anyway we got to grandmas, we were welcomed in with, "come in then"...eat crackers and cheese (not really safe to eat much else there) and made a thing out of exchanging the presents, the lad acted very pleased, the wife showed off some shoes she got weeks ago for xmas....and me, the person who ferries her round, runs around collecting pills at a moments notice, the one who takes her out Saturdays and shopping every week... a demisting pad...for a car i don't have any more..thanks a bunch.
The walk back was nice, saw the odd daffodil flowering very early in a field, amazing amount of camellias are out too.

To me though the real sight and smell of Christmas is Butterbur, the odd wild flower that delights in flowering on the most nasty dirt and cold days, sending out a warm spicy perfume.

I've been thinking on a new bowl idea,but all that has come to a rather shuddering halt due to circumstances. The mother in law, 90 and rather frail expressed and interested in going to the Eden Project (Basically some huge geodesic domes full off plants in a big ex - China clay pit) This is quite an expedition in our tiny plastic car, but the very recent £275 it cost to haul it up to MOT standard gave me confidence. So me,the wife,grandma and the 14 year old lad squashed in and set off, and we very nearly made it. You turn off the main-ish road onto a road that goes only to the domes. Rounding a corner I saw a guy with a dog...Then A dog about a foot of the front of the car then the bonnet coming up to hit the screen,an awful bang.....I was going under 30 and I'd hit a dog square on. A golden ladrador.  Came to a stop lept out fully expecting the car to be covered in dog but no, it was sat on the grass next to its owner wagging it's tail.....The damage? The car is basically write off, bonnet,both wings,front bumper and the front engine support all mangled,radiator leaking too.  No one hurt ,though I've got a nasty crack on my shim,the old dear ...not bothered, stoic as an Easter Island statue. She ended up being taken to the domes in the dog walkers car with the lad,who pushed her round (and carers get in free!) While I walked up and down the verge feeling sick,the wife did battle with a quite frankly unhelpful insurance company on the phone.....so I'm rather distracted right now.
I found a bit of "police do not cross" tape right on the spot we hit and opposite was a wreath, looks like we weren't the first but possibly the luckiest. .......

murderers gloves

I'm so dim really' for years i've just bashed stuff scrubbed my hands and suffered them being sore, black and stinking of vinegar etc.I even laid the blocks on my shed with mostly bear hands. Its only just occurred
to me i could wear gloves. In fact Screwfix do a range of very cheep ones(.http://www.screwfix.com) Of course they do cool black ones. I paid about £2 for them, i chose cloth covered in latex reasoning if i touched anything hot, they would at least no melt right onto my fingers. My lad, immediately he saw them' dubbed then "murderers gloves" that had a hint of Darth Vader about them.
 Of course i often forget to wear them at all or on one occasion i did pick up a hot bowl caused them to melt a bit (and cause an awful stink).

Ones i have found really useful are the disposable Nitrile gloves (the blue ones) they come in 100 glove boxes. Great for dabbling in vineger or fixing the car (though grease and oil rapidly degrades them)..

Happy post

That was so depressing I'm going to post a happy pic I found on my phone. That's Jake the westie. A dog of our friends,we looked after him when they went away for a week. Of course he recognised me as the true leader of the pack. Hence sleeping on my Croc.  I'd like a dog but can't afford one, even rescue dogs nowadays cost about £150 !