I've been thinking on a new bowl idea,but all that has come to a rather shuddering halt due to circumstances. The mother in law, 90 and rather frail expressed and interested in going to the Eden Project (Basically some huge geodesic domes full off plants in a big ex - China clay pit) This is quite an expedition in our tiny plastic car, but the very recent £275 it cost to haul it up to MOT standard gave me confidence. So me,the wife,grandma and the 14 year old lad squashed in and set off, and we very nearly made it. You turn off the main-ish road onto a road that goes only to the domes. Rounding a corner I saw a guy with a dog...Then A dog about a foot of the front of the car then the bonnet coming up to hit the screen,an awful bang.....I was going under 30 and I'd hit a dog square on. A golden ladrador.  Came to a stop lept out fully expecting the car to be covered in dog but no, it was sat on the grass next to its owner wagging it's tail.....The damage? The car is basically write off, bonnet,both wings,front bumper and the front engine support all mangled,radiator leaking too.  No one hurt ,though I've got a nasty crack on my shim,the old dear ...not bothered, stoic as an Easter Island statue. She ended up being taken to the domes in the dog walkers car with the lad,who pushed her round (and carers get in free!) While I walked up and down the verge feeling sick,the wife did battle with a quite frankly unhelpful insurance company on the phone.....so I'm rather distracted right now.
I found a bit of "police do not cross" tape right on the spot we hit and opposite was a wreath, looks like we weren't the first but possibly the luckiest. .......

murderers gloves

I'm so dim really' for years i've just bashed stuff scrubbed my hands and suffered them being sore, black and stinking of vinegar etc.I even laid the blocks on my shed with mostly bear hands. Its only just occurred
to me i could wear gloves. In fact Screwfix do a range of very cheep ones(.http://www.screwfix.com) Of course they do cool black ones. I paid about £2 for them, i chose cloth covered in latex reasoning if i touched anything hot, they would at least no melt right onto my fingers. My lad, immediately he saw them' dubbed then "murderers gloves" that had a hint of Darth Vader about them.
 Of course i often forget to wear them at all or on one occasion i did pick up a hot bowl caused them to melt a bit (and cause an awful stink).

Ones i have found really useful are the disposable Nitrile gloves (the blue ones) they come in 100 glove boxes. Great for dabbling in vineger or fixing the car (though grease and oil rapidly degrades them)..

Happy post

That was so depressing I'm going to post a happy pic I found on my phone. That's Jake the westie. A dog of our friends,we looked after him when they went away for a week. Of course he recognised me as the true leader of the pack. Hence sleeping on my Croc.  I'd like a dog but can't afford one, even rescue dogs nowadays cost about £150 !


hammering this one,days raising the sides up further than I thought I could,then hours giving it a nice even hammer texture. Hours neatly turning the beaded edge. Of course I wasn't  satisfied with a handsom on bowl, and I decided to experiment. I decided I wanted to sink three glass marbles in the base to make it stand up well. Not only that but I decided that the ever present problem of supporting the copper as it's bashed might be solved using potters clay. Which is cheep (£6 for a big lump at a potters supply place) and I found out....messy and totally unsuitable. Anyway I filled her up and went to bashing. The sad result you can see here. A normal person might stop when one went wrong,or maybe two, but I plunged on undaunted by reality and went straight ahead and made three damgmed great holes it it. Not even neat holes but great tears.  I've been wondering just how to fix it for a few months, solder won't work , patch might or rivets. Meanwhile I used it to display the pegs at the art show...even as I type it's in the room looking at me with reproach,  it says you did this to me, you fix me......creepy it is.
Well in a bit of a turn up a nice lady turned up to the house with hubby and bought the Hares bowl. I even showed them the shed and that didn't put them off! As its one of my first proper bowls and made of Hotdogs old water tank i will miss it. But its gone to a good home.

There it is at the back of the table next to the heart bowl. It has been much admired and now its moved along.

Notice Rose's stuff on the table we shared (such confidence ah) Great cats!

Notice we also bagged the single most important bit of equipment at an art show, comfy chairs!

Pegs...seems like hundreds of 'em

 Ok so here's the making of things bit. I decided that cheaper was good rather than the bowls, just to make people buy something... So in a heated discussion with my friend Judy ( a really talented painter and free form mother to five kids), about xmas presents for her family. I argued that what every she made her family wouldn't want anyway and all that was needed was something they would say they were pleased with and not throw straight back at her. After going round the usual things of unreasonable complexity i suggested pegs. Just off the top of my head, pegs cut a slot in the top insert a cut out bird, done...an idea she rejected on the grounds of seeming too easy. Though latter on she did try it' she reports, it was too fiddly and she couldn't find a glue suitable (though by suitable she seems to mean "lasts for ever". To which i pointed out many of Leonardo's frescos dropped off the walls,sometimes within a few years of him finishing them, so an immortal clothes peg was not needed) and she for some unfathomable reason used. just sprung wood pegs rather than the much cuter "dolly pegs. Any road up. i acquired some "dolly" pegs, sawed a slot in the top, painted the top with wood primer, masked off with insulation tape, which i find is softer and works better than real masking tape.

I then painted over with Cyan emulsion i has laying about. leaving a stylish white bit showing. I then found some small of cuts of copper pipes, acquired when the mother in law had central heating fitter to her old council house. They were about 2 inches long so i cut them along and hammered them flat. Annealing cleaning then i drew some birds on them, cut them out and shaped them with my trusty small hammer. Sliped into the slot with trusty "super" glue the looked a treat, but did take much longer than i planned. This one was the very first.
Here's some as displayed pegged round a bowl i had (its got holes in it, but thats another story)...the first one came out looking very normal bird like as i went on the changed and ended up looking very "insane chicken" indeed...i will take a pic of one of them latter on... hay i sold some! a nice lady took five at once (it was £10 for fiver or £3 each) and Rose my partner in Art crime bought another two, and a fellow stall holder bout one, on the way home we dropped in a friends house and she bought one... All very surprising. No idea what to do with them now..
I got bored on Friday, (for reasons beond thought i'd got it my head that the art show was on Friday,so i'd rushed to get everything finished) found I could do this on the tablet thingy....Full marks to anyone who recognises the film. Love those old SF films.
For reasons of "it just would wouldn't it" I just checked on a proper computer...and the clip fails to work, but it does in the Android youtube app....god knows why.